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unlimited oxygen

Unlimited Oxygen.

Total Cost Control.

More freedom for staff and  practice operations.  


Veterinary Innovation that's better for you

...and the world around us.

     Proven in high-volume 24 Hr. Animal ERs, Veterinary Referral Centers, Specialty Hospitals, and SPCAs AIRNETIC HP Hybrid Oxygen Systems can generate 20 to 100LPM of oxygen from a very compact footprint.  

     Our proprietary Integrated Self-Monitoring Systems Technology is uniquely designed to replace your current labor intensive bottled oxygen delivery and storage hassles, ...and improve your bottom line in the process.

     Take a few minutes, right now, to discover what AIRNETIC'S powerful

Hybrid Oxygen Technology can do for your practice.

– Our promise is simple –

Veterinary Oxygen Made Easy.





Oxygen Cost

Analysis & Report

Which oxygen system do you prefer?

The manual "more-you-use-

the-more-you-pay system?"

The automatic "use-all-you-want- system?

     If you prefer a proven, reliable oxygen solution that works automatically, 24/7/365, and gives you unlimited oxygen, ...and pays for itself it 18 - 24  months, then you will appreciate airnetic's Advanced Hybrid Veterinary Oxygen System.     Designed for today's modern veterinary hospital, our powerful, compact, 165psi High-Performance Hybrid Oxygen System can easily handle all of your extreme oxygen demands...without sacrificing purity or flow rates.

Think of the thousands of dollars you will save over the years.   Your staff will thank you greatly.