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Breathe new life into your veterinary practice's bottom line.

     Proven in high-volume 24 Hr. Animal ERs, Veterinary Referral Centers, Specialty Hospitals, and SPCAs AIRNETIC HP Hybrid Oxygen Systems can generate 20 to 100LPM of oxygen from a very compact footprint.  

     Our proprietary Integrated Self-Monitoring Systems Technology is uniquely designed to replace your current labor intensive bottled oxygen delivery and storage hassles, ...and improve your bottom line in the process.

     Take a few minutes, right now, to discover what AIRNETIC'S powerful

Hybrid Oxygen Technology can do for your practice.

– Our promise is simple –

Veterinary Oxygen Made Easy.



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Veterinary Hospitals Do Have Another Choice

When it Comes to Oxygen.

Contnue using the manual "more-you-use-

the-more-you-pay system"

Or, join the growing number of veterinary practices switching to airnetic's powerful "Automated, Unlimited Oxygen System"

    Designed for today's modern veterinary hospital,

our powerful, compact, 165psi High-Performance Oxygen Systems easily handle all of your extreme oxygen demands.

...without sacrificing purity or flow rates.